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Welcome to Mojobeads NZ. Mojobeads creates custom made Reiki infused jewelry. Each piece is designed specifically to support and empower you with your personal needs. Mojobeads 'Jewelry with a purpose', combines my love for crystals, Reiki and energy healing. I create unique styles for everyone, practical, elegant, and edgy. I am an Usui Reiki master, energy healer and gem enthusiast of 15 years. Mojobeads is committed to improving peoples lives by creating beautiful hand made crystal jewelry .Each item is designed and charged with reiki, to help manifest a specific goal or purpose for the wearer.
What makes Mojobeads different?
Quantum Physics, and Law of Attraction principles. I combine specific crystals to support your desired outcome, and charge the jewelry with Reiki energy.
There are currently 4 themes available in Bracelets, Chokers,
and Waistbeads. These are Abundance, Inspiration, Love, and Protection.


What is Reiki?
Usui Reiki is an universal form of energy healing discovered by a Japanese medical Dr Mikao Usui, in the early 20th century.  Reiki is based on quantum physics concept of energy existing outside the body, the Reiki Master conducting its flow and grounding like an electrical current.  Reiki is a popular complimentary healing modality, There is evidence of it increasing wellbeing, reducing pain and calming emotional conditions . Reiki energy can also be conducted through crystals, due to the similarity of their molecular structure to the human body. Each crystal resonates on different frequency assisting healing of different physical and emotional conditions. Every crystal in Mojobeads jewelry is chargedwith Reiki for its purpose in the jewelry. The primary focus being, Peace and Love, Abundance, Inspiration, and Strength and Protection.


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